Sunday, June 10, 2007

First Post

I was going to say something about Ron Paul and Sayyid Qutb for my first post, but then again this caught my eye: (yay for Drudge!)

I'll ignore the disgraceful comments of Ron Kuby, "civil rights lawyer" - funny how the people who are always described as "civil rights" activists or lawyers are rather fond of saying outlandish things and don't understand why they don't seem to have more people paying attention to them - and consider the decision to remove these books.

A good idea, removing radical literature, right? So why - if it allegedly took three years to enact this federal directive, time ostensibly spent reviewing the books available to prisoners - were obviously, hilariously non-radical books like "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" taken off the shelves?

Certainly, the government has to make tough decisions balancing freedom and security, although the idea that the two are somehow at odds is to me lazy thinking. That's for another time. And certainly the kind of thinking represented by Ron Kuby's statements is, to put it baldly, idiotic. But the government has shot itself in the foot time after time after time after time in this war against Muslims who want to blow us up, and George Bush and Dick Cheney are hardly the ones who've done most of the shooting. America is being let down, time and again, by our mid and lower-level bureaucrats. And what's amazing is that despite all of it there hasn't been a real Muslim terrorist attack (random lone Muslims going off the deep end and trying to run over / gun down a few random people doesn't really count to me) on the continental US since September 11th. Although I guess when you're facing a bunch of guys who think it's better for women's ankles to be covered you have a lot of room for error, Muslims aren't exactly the most brilliant strategists or tacticians the world has ever seen.

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