Monday, August 27, 2007

I Need Sanctuary from Ruben Navarette for some reason has decided for some time now that the incoherent, usually bigoted screeds of Ruben Navarette are proper commentary on immigration for their front page. Today we are treated to another dose of nonsense.

What we don't know, and won't until New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram finishes her review of this case, is whether this happened because Newark is a so-called sanctuary city , where local police are not required to determine the immigration status of those they arrest, let alone inform federal officials. Despite what you hear on talk radio, it's possible that this case has nothing to do with sanctuary. Legal experts say that local officials may have assumed that Carranza was in the country legally and that he may have fallen through the cracks due to bureaucratic ineptitude -- the kind that sometimes results in U.S. citizens getting bail when they shouldn't.
The issue here, Mr. Navarette, is that Carranza is an illegal immigrant. He shouldn't be here. You support policies that would make it easier for people like him to get here and stay here. The fact that you are trying to place the blame for his illegal presence in America on the American government rather than on Mr. Carranza shows where your sympathies lie - with a triple-murderer. You don't care that three young Americans are dead because of Mr. Carranza. All you care about is how his murders will turn even more people against your destructive opinions.

Reasonable people should wait for the facts to come out before jumping to conclusions -- or trying to score political points.
A hilarious statement from Mr. Navarette, who has made it clear in the past that his only concern is scoring political points against racist white people - who, in Mr. Navarette's opinion, consists of every white that doesn't agree with him 100% on immigration.

Republican Mitt Romney, who must be getting desperate since he can't get beyond 15 percent in national polls, is using the case to bludgeon Rudy Guiliani. The Romney campaign is running a radio ad blasting "cities like Newark, San Francisco and New York City that adopt sanctuary policies" and become "magnets that encourage illegal immigration."

Julian Navarette must be getting desperate if he thinks that anyone gives a damn about his jibes at Mitt Romney. It doesn't cover up the fact that three people are dead because of a man Mr. Navarette believes has every right to be in this country simply because he wanted to be.

The radio spot also calls sanctuary cities magnets for illegal immigration.

Stop the tape! There is only one magnet that draws illegal immigrants. It's called a job -- like, say, landscaping.

Stop the tape! First off, learn to write. You suck at it. Second, try not treating your readers like idiots. You don't look too smart judging from your picture and your writing, Mr. Navarette - you look, quite frankly, like a simpleton. And the idea that an illegal immigrant would pass up going to a city where his chances of being found out as an illegal immigrant are lower is just absurd. But then again, so is Mr. Navarette and everything he says.

Earlier this year, The Boston Globe reported that Romney -- for more than a decade -- maintained the grounds of his house in Belmont, Massachusetts, by employing a landscape company that relies on illegal immigrants. The Globe tracked the workers' home to Guatemala, where they told reporters that the owner of the company knew they were illegal. They said that Romney was nice to them and greeted them with a "buenos dias," but never asked whether they were in the country legally. When asked about the story by a Globe reporter, Romney scoffed "Aw, geez," and walked away.
Because it's Mitt Romney's job to find out. He was an immigration officer. Oh, wait, he wasn't. I hope when Mr. Navarette goes to the grocery store he inquires as to the legal status of the baggers or the stockers. And when his garbage is picked up, or any other number of jobs. I guess that Mr. Navarette just shouldn't be held to the standard he holds to Mitt Romney.

And now the toughie from Harvard Business School is trying to brush aside that story, get mileage out of the tragic deaths of three young people and turn an illegal immigrant into the Willie Horton of the 2008 campaign.

Aw, geez.

Yeah you look like a real toughie, fat ass. Sitting behind your computer writing racist bullshit about white people and excusing horrific crimes committed by illegal immigrants. You're a disgusting, sad sack of shit, Mr. Navarette. Don't you have any children? And Willie Horton? Another bit of racist ignorance from CNN's top racist. Carranza killed three innocent people in a city he went to because he was an illegal immigrant and in that city they don't care if you're an illegal immigrant.

The tragic deaths of three young people. Yeah right. Mr. Navarette doesn't give a damn about those three young people. All he cares about is making sure that more Mr. Carranzas are able to come over the border whenever they feel like it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why I hate Captain Ed

Over at Captain's Quarter's, Captain Ed has gone off on another wild post that doesn't acknowledge most, if any, of the realities of Iraq. His blinkers turned me, one of the most rabid pro-Bush pro-Iraq folks around, off to his blog a while ago, and they're still on.

Hopefully discussion will be ongoing. As I said there, I'm tired of seeing Americans die for an Iraqi government that, at best, is indifferent to the mission we're trying to complete. How much money spent and blood spilled, for an Iraqi Prime Minister that flips shit on General Petraeus every time a raid is ordered into Sadr City?

I want victory in Iraq. If some people think that blindly supporting Maliki is the way to it, whatever.